Layer:  Strands of internal strength

1: 100

2: 1000

3: 5000

4: 10000


The breakthrough between the 5 and 6th layer needs the golden internal strength strands turned into a drop of primordial energy

layer: primordial energy

6: 100

Cultivating this technique to the 6th layer give birth to the cultivation method specialty: Way of the king: The cultivation route created by the 3 emperors and 5 kings, raises sensory abilities and gives birth to the aura of a king

7: 500

One must open the Du Meridian to breakthrough to the 8th layer.

8: 2000

Successfully cultivating to the 8th layer of this Cultivation technique give: Bone structure +2, Comprehension +1, all other given stats +1.


Once all the meridians turn gold, it was a sign of completing the 11th layer.


If one's bones turned gold, the person in question would have finished the 12th layer.