Tianmo SpearEdit

【Name】: Tianmo Spear (Platinum Class)

【Durability】: 75

【Sharpness】: 65

【Tenacity】: 55

【Specialty】: Demonic vampirism (Has a chance to evolve every time the spear absorbs blood)

【Description】: Made with meteorites fallen from the sky and bathed with the blood of the demonic god. After a series of mutations, it has become a godly weapon and can only be used by the person who dripped his blood on it. Untradeable, unthrowable and evolvable.

Ouyang Shuo comissioned Wang Guo to make him a spear out of [Meteorite Fine Iron] (found in the loot from moon island ch252) however he orginally intended to find a higher rank blacksmith to forge the weapon as the iron [Meteorite Fine Iron] is a platnium grade item. The [Meteorite Fine Iron] wasn't a suitable material for a master blacksmith to forge a platinum ranked weapon.

According to Ouyang Shuo's request, the spear weighed about 35 kg, and its length was about 380 cm with its spearhead length about 37 cm. The color of the spear was entirely black.“Weapons are deadly and they have their own spirit. Every time a godly weapon is crafted, it will need to be showered with the blood of the owner. My lord, later you will have to drip some of your blood onto your spear as a catalyst to hasten the birth of its spirit.” Wang Gao explained.