The territory in which the MC Ouyang Shuo created with a gold-leveled village creation token.

Now Upgraded to Nanjiang Governor-General House

Overview Edit

【Territory】: Shanhai Territory

【Lord】: Lianzhou Lord Qiyue Wuyi (2nd class Marquis )

【Level】: Grade 1 Prefecture

【Title】: The World’s First Prefecture (Increase town fame by 50%)

【Title】: Home of martial arts (Raise residents' body capabilities by 20%)

【Governed Area 】: Shanhai city (grade 1 prefecture)

【Population】: 100 thousand/ 500 thousand

【Refugee Spawn Rate】: 500 * (1 + 50%) = 750 / day

【Territory area】: 50000 square kilometers

【Territory Specialty】: +50% Refugee attraction rate, +25% Special talented people attraction rate, +50% Crop production rate, +25% Productivity of workers, +20% Experience earned by troops, +10% Chances of talented people in the territory to advance a level

【Political】: 75/100 (Affecting the administrative efficiency and morale)

【Economic】: 68/100 (Affecting the trading prosperity and tax)

【Cultural】: 70/100 (Affecting the education development and quality of residents)

【Military】: 78/100 (Affecting the military strength and stability)

【Affliate Counties】: Beihai City, Qiushui City, Friendship City...

【Finanical Institutions】: Four Seas Bank

【Territory Chamber of Commerce 】: Cui Chamber of Commerce, Quanji Chamber of Commerce

【Territory Specialties】: Lianzhou three flower wine, colored silk, white tea

【Special Building】: Collection House

【Hidden Building】: Mazu Temple, Recruitment Hall, Yellow Emperor Temple