"I roughly know how to judge people, and I find that on your body, there's the aura of an emperor. It is hard to find a good lord. I've been searching for a good lord all my life, so what reason do I have to reject?" Han Xin[[source]]

Overview Edit

The main character of The World Online.

After he was betrayed in Earth Online by his friend, he was reincarnated 5 years earlier. Now he uses his knowledge from his past life so that he and the people he cares about would have a better life.

Permission Level Edit

  • At first, he got level E for having 800.000 credits in earth (chapter 184)
  • His Permission level upgrade to D because he cultivated the 8th layer of the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique (chapter 401)
  • Currently, his permission level is C because he complete the first high grade bloodline (Devil bloodline) awakening (chapter 504)

Earth Online Edit

Having memories and knowledge from his previous life Ouyang Shuo chose Lord Mode.

Real Life Edit

"You ah, let me think. In my impression of you during high school, you were a handsome and very quiet cute little boy. You were a little cool and didn’t like to interact with people." Song Jia[[source]]
Ouyang Shuo quickly found a job after graduating Jiao State University to provide for himself and his sister, however after he was reincarnated he quickly resigned. Knowing what was going to happen in the future, he sold his parents house and together with Bing'er moved in with Sun Xiaoyue.

He got Game Cabin right when it was available and began his adventure as Lord Player in Earth Online.

In the new house most of the time he was the one responsible for making food.

Previous Life Edit

After graduating college he quickly found a job to better take care of his younger sister Bing'er, and so he didn't buy the Game Cabin early. In this life, he was Adventurer Mode Player. He reincarnated in-game a few times but he was fairly good at playing Earth Online. He had powerful gear, strong armor and a signature weapon - Cloud Dragon Halberd.

People called him Two-Faced Shura because he was cold and terrifying to his foes but warm and fresh like the spring breeze to his friends.

During one of the battles, he was suddenly backstabbed by his friend of five years for Platinum Rank Equipment, which led to his reincarnation in the real world.

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