"At each of the front and back of the armor, there is an oval metal piece known as the round guard. Under the light, it will glisten, giving the Mingguang armor its name." ― Evaluation of Mingguang Armour in Chapter 115

Overview Edit

Minguang Armor (明光甲 - can be translated to Bright Light Armor) was an armor of Tang Dynasty (618-907). It was relatively lighter than the heavy lamellar armor.

Round-shaped protectors on the front and back of the armor were made of copper or iron. They were polished so they would reflect sunshine, hence its name. Image Image2

It often marked high status of the wearer.

In game Edit

Crafting the Mingguang armor followed a complicated process, so it was separated into four types:

  • soldier Mingguang armor,
  • sergeant Mingguang armor,
  • general Mingguang armor,
  • commander Mingguang armor.