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The map of the game Earth Online is taken from the real map of Earth, however the boundaries of countries and regions are not standardized as in current map. Instead based on available history of countries and continents, the regions are created using geological data of history. To accommodate all the players and resources, the map is enlarged 10 times the actual map, the mountains are 10 things bigger and higher as well as rivers and lakes are 10 times bigger.

Areas Edit

Dali Region: Edit

Dali Region in the game 'Earth Online' contains following areas:

Lianzou Basin, Kunming Area, Wuding Area, Liuzou Area, Chuxiong Area, Guilin Area.

Here is map for important areas in Dali Region

Lianzhou Basin Edit

"The main features of a basin were being surrounded by high ground, and low in the middle, as the name basin implied."[1]

After the game map expanded the area of the planet tenfold, the hills were ten times higher and rivers widened by ten as well. Small basins in the real countryside, in the game, would become a basin territory as large as Sichuan Basin was in reality.

The Lianzhou Basin in-game covered an area of 240,000 square kilometers, as large as the entire province of Guangxi in China (or, slightly larger than Romania).

To The Sides Edit

The west side of the Basin was the China/Vietnam border and was modified into a rolling, stony mountain range that was impassable.

To the north was a gateway city, called Zhennan Pass. It was now occupied by a group of powerful thieves. Passing through, you entered the hinterlands of Guangxi.

To the east was the dividing line between Guangxi and Lingnan, with mountains and misty jungles.

To the south one can reach the North Bay of the South China Sea. The monsoon blew in from the sea through this canyon, bringing rain and new life into the Lianzhou Basin.

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