Divine Martial Guards Edit

After countless battles, the palace Guards have formed an army spirit and have become the Divine Martial Guards.

The Divine Martial Guards are a regiment composed of the 3.000 most powerful warriors of the Nanjiang Governor-General House selected among the Guards division, elite of the Army and lead by Wang Feng. They are trained in the special Force's tactics by the Rattlesnake Mercenary Group. Like its name suggests, this unit is Qiyue Wuyi's personal guard and his most loyal soldiers.

Their symbol of this unit is the Divine Martial Cape

Divine Martial Cape Edit

  • Name: Divine Martial Cape (Dark Gold Rank)
  • Stats: Raises morale by 40%, raises combat strength by 45%, increases movement speed by 25%
  • Specialty: Divine Martial (can revive once without any punishments)
  • Evaluation: The cape of the divine martial Guards. Limited to three thousand in number; it is the symbol of the Guards. Unique equipment, cannot be dropped, cannot be traded, cannot be removed, till death will they part.
  • Design: It's a red cape with a dragon patterns on both sides, making it look really threatening.