[Chapter 9]

From the Cui commercial family, family of women, gentle temperament, proper businesswoman.

[Chapter 39]

A woman from the Cui business family, gentle temperament, proper businesswoman, not haughty. Tough and strong, a gentle heart, smart and studious, a polished jade with good talent.

Background Edit

"Cui Yingyu was a businessman's daughter, but also ladylike. Her appearance was naturally elegant, with a gentle temperament, and somehow managed to be stylish even with her travel-worn appearance. Her sufferings and hardships had not soured her beauty, but in the gentleness was more than a trace of new strength."

Her past is unknown, except that she was cared for by Doctor Song while on their way with the others to Shanhai Village as the second batch of villagers.

She became the housekeeper of the Lord's Manor after Doctor Song requested Ouyang Shuo to take care of her and they became foster siblings.

It was revealed in Chapter 39 that she originally has a home, the House of Cui in Dali. There, she still has some living family.